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Services Provided to Our Dealers

Free Quotes & Estimates

We realize you need cost/freight quotes delivered to you as quickly as possible in order to complete your quotes to your clients.  We strive to provide accurate, realistic, and reasonable cost estimates to our Dealers as promptly as possible.

Bulk Orders

If you are a high-volume dealer with the ability to store large quantities of products at your own site, you are eligible for 2by2’s bulk pricing tier.  We offer bulk pricing for half-truckloads and full-truckloads of both our 12” and 8” border timbers.  We have volume discounts on our ADA Half Ramps and Border Benches!  We can also accommodate bulk truckloads that include all four eligible products to restock your warehouse for any needs your customers bring! Contact our sales team to receive more information on our bulk orders!

Product Customization

As a distributor, you can place your company name and/or logo on our border timbers! This gives you the ability to advertise 24/7 around your park or playground site on a medium that does not crack or fade. There is a one-time engraving fee involved, but that will easily be made up in referrals from your advertising! This service shares a few of the same requirements as the bulk ordering process, so there is a minimum quantity required. Contact our sales team to learn more about how to advertise your company on our border timbers!

Storage Of Customized Products

If our dealers choose to customize their timbers and ramps, we offer warehouse storage up to a predetermined number of items. We will always let our dealers know when their inventory is low.

Product Installation

2by2 Industries does not install the plastic border timbers for our dealer clients. All orders are dropped-shipped direct to client’s requested location. We work with our dealers to help you understand how to properly install all of our products.

Ongoing Promotions & Sales Tools

2by2 Industries works with our dealers to deliver products at the lowest possible prices. we have seasonal specials, as well as occasional sale sheet flyers for our dealers to download to give or mail to their own clients.

Product Images For Your Website

2by2 Industries will provide you with downloadable product images to place on your own company website.