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All 2by2 Industries products are covered with a limited warranty to the purchaser or whomever receives our products.  Our products are to be free from structural failure due to defect in materials or workmanship during normal use and installation in accordance with our published specifications.  The warranty will commence on the date of the 2by2 Industries invoice to the purchaser and terminate at the end of the period stated below.

This warranty is valid only if our products are installed properly and in conformance with the specifications, installation guides.

2by2 Industries reserves the right to accept or reject any claim in whole or in part, pending investigation of the products in question.  2by2 Industries requires photographic evidence of all warranty claims.  If the products are damaged during transit by a freight provider, IT IS UP TO THE END USER to make notes on the delivery receipt, and notify the delivery driver and 2by2 Industries immediately to ensure claims can be made with the party responsible for damage.  Failure to do so could result in denial of warranty claim.

Warranty Exclusions:

  • Cosmetic defects, such as scratches, dents, marring, or fading.
  • Damage due to incorrect installation, including but not limited to errant hits, driving into unsuitable ground conditions
  • Vandalism
  • Exposure to extreme weather
  • Abnormal use
  • Acts of God, such as hail, flooding, lightning, tornadoes, etc.

Warranty Time Periods:

12” Heavy Plastic Border Timber– 10 years

8” Heavy Plastic Border Timber– 10 years

ADA Ramp, Full and Flush Mount– 5 years

Border Bench– 5 years

Filler End Cap, 6” and 12”– 5 years

Adjustable End Cap– 1 year

Steel Spike, all sizes– 10 years

Flex Spike, all sizes– 5 years

Gaga Ball Pits of all sizes are based on damaged components

Warranty for items not manufactured by 2by2:

Rubber Flooring Kit for Gaga Ball Pits – 10 Year Pro-Rated Warranty – Ask for more information

Rubber Wear Mats – No Manufacturer Warranty

All warranty correspondence should be directed via e-mail—